Lewis Avenue Bridge, Atascadero CA

Lewis Avenue Bridge, Atascadero CA - ADKO EngineeringADKO Engineering provided preliminary engineering and PS&E for the Lewis Avenue Bridge, Structural Steel Truss Tied Arch in Atascadero.

This aesthetically pleasing Tubular Steel Pipe Arch Truss Bridge in the City of Atascadero over Atascadero Creek. The bridge is approximately 164 feet long and 64 feet wide. The bridge’s concrete deck and structural members will be supported by suspension cables. This type of structure was used due to hydrology clearance which kept the deck thickness to a minimum.

Lewis Avenue Bridge, Atascadero CA - ADKO EngineeringThe project included advance planning studies, bridge PS&E, geotechnical investigation, environmental, surveying and mapping, hydraulic/scour evaluation, traffic control, roadway modifications, stage construction, utility relocations, drainage, public relations, right-of-way appraisals and acquisitions, and coordination with Caltrans and local agencies.

A temporary trestle four feet away from the new bridge edge of deck was constructed outside the wetted area of the creek to allow the contractor to cross the creek. The temporary trestle will be 16 feet wide.