W. 4th St Overcrossing Widen, Madera CA

4th St Overcrossing Widen, Madera CA - ADKO EngineeringADKO Engineering is providing preliminary PS&E for the widen of the existing West 4th Street Bridge in Madera. Fourth Street is currently conveyed over SR99 via a reinforced concrete structure which was built in 1958. The bridge is comprised of two continuous box girder main spans supported on a three-column center bent and two transverse slab end spans supported on bin type wall abutments. Both of the abutments and center pier are all supported on spread footings. The end span lengths are 37 feet while the main spans are 55 feet long for a total bridge length of a little over 184 feet. The bridge is a total of 64 feet wide with a roadway width between raised sidewalks of 52 feet.

West 4th Street crosses over State Route (SR) 99 on a bridge which is 52 feet wide between raised 5-foot sidewalks and is comprised of two 8-foot shoulders, two 12-foot travel lanes, and one 12-foot left turn lane. The bridge length is 184’-2”. This existing and widened bridge is 92’ feet wide in order to accommodate future traffic operational needs. Construction Cost: $1,500,000