Bridge Engineering

Galena Creek Bridge - ADKO EngineeringWe excel in providing the most comprehensive spectrum of Bridge Engineering Services, encompassing Planning, Funding Assistance, Design, Construction, Inspections and Damage Investigation of bridges of all types and materials.

ADKO Engineering has prepared full PS&E packages for new bridges, bridge replacements and rehabilitation projects, and performed seismic analysis, project management, and construction engineering. We have designed structures including small creek crossings, pedestrian over crossings, complex interchanges, and railroad grade separations.

ADKO Engineering :: Bridge Design

Our staff has a combined experience designing a wide variety of bridge types including:

Bay Bridge YBI Viaduct Bridge Replacement, Oakland CA - ADKO EngineeringStructural Steel Bridges
Steel Girder and Truss Bridges
Post Tensioned Box Girder Bridges
Post Tensioned Slab Bridges
reinforced suspension bridges
Cable supported structures
Highway Bridges and Grade Separations
Bikeway and Pedestrian bridges
Medium-span, short span bridge and culverts
Timber Bridges
Falsework Design
Lewis Avenue Bridge, Atascadero CA - ADKO EngineeringOn-Call Seismic Retrofit Structures
Light Rail Structures, Transit stations, transit structures, track slabs and heavy rail structures
I-Girder Precast Prestressed Structures
concrete flat slabs
Cast-in-place CIP, PC/PS Concrete Bridge,
Precast Voided Slab Structures
Prestressed & Reinforced Concrete Slab Structures

ADKO Engineering :: Bridge Engineering Services

Our Bridge Engineering Services include but not limited to:

Planning design preparation of plans of PS&E
Funding Assistance
Bridge Inspection
Seismic evaluation and retrofits using innovative and advanced materials
Bridge load rating analysis and condition assessments
Bridge Deck Rehab
Analysis of cable-supported structures
Staged-Construction analysis
Seismic design of protection systems (Seismic Isolation)
Retaining Walls & Sound Barrier Walls
Erosion Protection & Scour Counter Measures

Barton Rd Bridge Design - ADKO Engineering

ADKO Engineering :: Specialty Services

Additionally, ADKO provides unique expertise and Innovative solutions in several specialty areas:
Bridge investigations (EQ, Service damage as well as Construction)
Construction Engineering Support and Inspections

Bridge Engineering :: Featured Project

Galena Creek Bridge, Reno, NV

Galena Creek Bridge - ADKO EngineeringADKO Engineering is providing analysis and design of Galena Creek Arch Bridge which is the largest cast-in-place concrete arch span, for construction loads and unusually high wind loads. The bridge and its false work system needed to be analyzed for Continue reading