Roadway Design

Roadway Design - ADKO EngineeringBeginning with advance planning, field surveys and coordination the Project Manager leads the team through a multiplicity of technological, environmental and multi-jurisdictional challenges.

Conceptual plans become finite alignments. Alternative analysis may point the way to a better approach.

Cost efficiency flows from optimum design. The project moves forward, on time, within budget and in conformity to both technical and functional requirements.

ADKO Engineering :: Roadway Design Services:

Roadway Design - ADKO EngineeringDesign Layout Development
Grading and Drainage
Traffic Control & Safety
Sound & Retaining Walls
Roadway Profiles
Utility Relocation & Design
Ramp Metering
Service Capabilities
Bikeway and Pedestrian Pathways
Rail Transit Tracks

Roadway Design - ADKO EngineeringRoadway Design - ADKO Engineering

Roadway Design :: Featured Project

W. 4th St Overcrossing Widen, Madera CA

4th St Overcrossing Widen, Madera CA - ADKO EngineeringADKO Engineering is providing preliminary PS&E for the widen of the existing West 4th Street Bridge in Madera. Fourth Street is currently conveyed over SR99 via a reinforced concrete structure which was built in Continue reading