Construction Management

To ADKO Engineering, Construction Management is the process of professional management applied to a construction project for the purpose of managing time, cost, scope and quality.

Construction Management Services:

Lewis Ave Bridge - Construction Management - ADKO EngineeringConstruct-ability Review
Project Management
Contract Administration
Document Control – Respond to RFI, PCO
Claims Management
Construction Survey
Partnering Project & Facilitation
CPM Scheduling
Value Engineering Analysis
Time, Cost & Quality Management
Construction Management - ADKO EngineeringReview: Shop Drawings, Schedule, Daily Progress Schedule
Materials Sampling & Testing
Construction Observation
Construction Inspection
Quality Assurance Testing
Quality Control Inspection
Construction & Biddability Review
Public Awareness Program
Construction Mitigation Monitoring

ADKO’s construction manager acts in a Davis Rd Bridge Construction Managementfiduciary role as the Owner’s agent. The construction manager administers the construction contract and provide immediate resolution to construction constraints while representing the Owner’s interest. These interest include timely completion of the project within budget and in conformance with the contract documents.

Our essence of good Construction Management is professionalism, teamwork CM technology and keeping the owner informed of all phases of the work throughout the project.

Construction Management :: Featured Project

Thunder Valley Sunset Blvd Bridge, Rocklin CA

Thunder Valley Sunset Blvd Bridge, Rocklin CA - ADKO EngineeringThe seven-span, four-lane, precast prestressed voided slab bridge is 460 ft long with a typical span of 67.5 ft. The 4 ft precast voided slabs were erected using 100 ton crane. The adjacent decked beams were joined together with a key mortar joints. Cast-in-place concrete topping was used and as a result tie rods were not used on this project. The structure is supported on Continue reading